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Pip-Boy Watchface [10 in 1]

Разработчик m.i.n.a.r.

***ATTENTION***To use this app, follow this instructions:- Install Watchmaker app (actually you need the premium version :( )- Install this app- Open Watchmaker, the watchface will appear in "my watches" section!
This is an advanced watchface, customizable with lot of different colors (orange, red, blue, light blue, green, dark green, white, violet, dark violet, yellow and more!).
BONUS:This app includes also 2 battery friendly versions of the Watchface, without touch actions!- Pip-Boy 3000s mk3: inspired to Fallout 3/nv style, this watchface is open and fully customizable in colors and details!- Pip-Boy 3000s mk4: inspired to Fallout 4 style, this watchface is open too and you can set every color you want! Includes the "please stand by" ambient screen!
FEATURES:Thanks to a script, this watchfaces offer:
- Calculator- Weather forecast- Compass- Alarm- Stopwatch- Date and hour- Analog clock- Steps count- Hearthrate (if supported)- Device informations- Location- Optimized dim mode- Bonus screen- Customization options!- Much more!
INSTRUCTIONS:1) To change color, touch the avatar's face in "CND" screen2) To open the options screen, tap on "_control_" in "CND" screen3) To apply a black amoled background, touch "black" in options screen4) To update the weather forecast, touch "update" in "WTR" screen5) To change screen, touch the bottom of the watchface!6) To open the expanded analog clock, touch the icon in "NLG" screen, tap the center to come back7) To set an alarm, select the time and make sure the alarm is set to "on"8) Other questions? Feel free to send me an email!
FAQ:Q - OMG my battery drains so fast!!!1!A - Sometimes those drains are caused by Watchmaker. I can't do anything to fix this, so downrating me because of this is dumb. This problem is partially fixed with the last Android Wear update! :)
Q - I downloaded this app and i can't find it! Illuminati!A - As written in description, this is a skin for Watchmaker and needs it to be used!
Q - But you need Watchmaker Pro to use it! It's a shame!A - I fully agree with you about this. I wrote to the developer more and more times without receiving any answer.
Q - I have a black screen / crash / time is stuck / my watch explodedA - Watchmaker fault, sorry.
Q - I can't instal it in my Gear/ Gear 2/ Gear 2 neo!A - You bought a Tizen Smartwatch mate, next time choose Android Wear!! :)
Q - Can you add [put the feature here]?A - Of course i can, but the priority is given to the 5 stars reviews!
Q - How do I change Celsius to Fahrenheit and 24 to 12 hours format? A - You can do it from Watchmaker settings! Just go in Settings -> Weather -> Temperature Unit or Settings -> Time -> Override 12/24 Hours!
Q - The alarm didn't work! I missed the train!A - The alarm functions works only in ambient or screen on mode, i'm sorry for your train.
Q - Please do a standalone version of this face!A - I'm trying to do it, but it requires a lot of time and efforts and i can't reach the result you see now! I'll do my best anyway, i promise.
Q - Your watchfaces cannot be modified? why you did it?A - I'm an open source lover, but i put a lot of time and efforts in this watchface. If you need the open version, send me an e-mail explaining why!The price is little but updates and support are guaranteed!Let me know in comments what would you like to see or if you have problems!